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Q. I don’t Know my Mobile model? How do I find it?
A. Easy Steps. Open your Phone settings and find the option “About Phone”(usually in the start or at the last). Click it and you will find the model name written.
Got a Weird model number? Copy and paste that model number on Google and you will find the name of the model. If you still face any problem, Feel free to WhatsApp or Email us.

Q. Why Buy Mobile Cases From Pandapanti Brands?
A. We Offer the best in Quality cases in India. We use Premium Sublimation Inks and Euro Coated Materials for all our Covers. We Guarantee that all our covers are attractive enough to catch anyone’s attention easily.

Q. What If my Mobile Model is unavailable or not on the list?
A. We Usually have all the models updated. We update our list every 10-15 days with all the new models. If your model is new, Please allow us some time to update it.
If your model is not in the list and older than 2 years, We may have discontinued it.

Q. What Extra benefits does Pandapanti provide?
A. We provide 24/7 Customer Support via WhatsApp & Email. We Reply within 12 hours. Our policy provides instant Refunds/Exchanges in case of any Damage/Defects. A “Hi” is what you require to start a chat. You are Covered by us completely.

Q. Is Cash on Delivery Available?
A. YES, We Provide FREE Cash on Delivery all over India. Not Only this, we provide an exclusive 15% Discount on online payments.

Q. How Do I know if Pandapanti is Genuine and Trusted?
A. Pandapanti Brands is a Registered Company under the government of India. We are available on Major Social Media platforms like Instagram/Facebook where you can get real time images of our products and reviews too. We have full time customer support to help you with each and every problem and make your experience better in all ways.